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CIccXformMpe Class Reference

#include <IccCmm.h>

Inheritance diagram for CIccXformMpe:

CIccXform List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 CIccXformMpe (CIccTag *pTag)
virtual ~CIccXformMpe ()
virtual icXformType GetXformType ()
virtual icStatusCMM Begin ()
virtual void Apply (icFloatNumber *DstPixel, const icFloatNumber *SrcPixel)
virtual bool UseLegacyPCS () const
 Checks if version 2 PCS is to be used.
virtual LPIccCurveExtractInputCurves ()
 Use these functions to extract the input/output curves from the xform.
virtual LPIccCurveExtractOutputCurves ()

Static Public Member Functions

CIccXformCreate (CIccProfile *pProfile, bool bInput=true, icRenderingIntent nIntent=icUnknownIntent, icXformInterp nInterp=icInterpLinear, icXformLutType nLutType=icXformLutColor)
 Note: The returned CIccXform will own the profile.

Protected Attributes

bool m_bUsingAcs

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CIccXformMpe::CIccXformMpe CIccTag pTag  ) 

Name: CIccXformMPE::CIccXformMPE

Purpose: Constructor

CIccXformMpe::~CIccXformMpe  )  [virtual]

Name: CIccXformMPE::~CIccXformMPE

Purpose: Destructor

Member Function Documentation

void CIccXformMpe::Apply icFloatNumber DstPixel,
const icFloatNumber SrcPixel

Name: CIccXformMPE::Apply

Purpose: Does the actual application of the Xform.

Args: DstPixel = Destination pixel where the result is stored, SrcPixel = Source pixel which is to be applied.

Implements CIccXform.

icStatusCMM CIccXformMpe::Begin  )  [virtual]

Name: CIccXformMPE::Begin

Purpose: This function will be called before the xform is applied. Derived objects should also call this base class function to initialize for Absolute Colorimetric Intent handling which is performed through the use of the CheckSrcAbs and CheckDstAbs functions.

Reimplemented from CIccXform.

CIccXform * CIccXformMpe::Create CIccProfile pProfile,
bool  bInput = true,
icRenderingIntent  nIntent = icUnknownIntent,
icXformInterp  nInterp = icInterpLinear,
icXformLutType  nLutType = icXformLutColor

Note: The returned CIccXform will own the profile.

Name: CIccXformMPE::Create

Purpose: This is a static Creation function that creates derived CIccXform objects and initializes them.

Args: pProfile = pointer to a CIccProfile object that will be owned by the transform. This object will be destroyed when the returned CIccXform object is destroyed. The means that the CIccProfile object needs to be allocated on the heap. bInput = flag to indicate whether to use the input or output side of the profile, nIntent = the rendering intent to apply to the profile, nInterp = the interpolation algorithm to use for N-D luts. nLutType = selection of which transform lut to use

Return: A suitable pXform object

virtual LPIccCurve* CIccXformMpe::ExtractInputCurves  )  [inline, virtual]

Use these functions to extract the input/output curves from the xform.

Implements CIccXform.

virtual LPIccCurve* CIccXformMpe::ExtractOutputCurves  )  [inline, virtual]

Implements CIccXform.

virtual icXformType CIccXformMpe::GetXformType  )  [inline, virtual]

Implements CIccXform.

virtual bool CIccXformMpe::UseLegacyPCS  )  const [inline, virtual]

Checks if version 2 PCS is to be used.

Reimplemented from CIccXform.

Member Data Documentation

bool CIccXformMpe::m_bUsingAcs [protected]

CIccTagMultiProcessElement* CIccXformMpe::m_pTag [protected]

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