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IccDefs.h File Reference

#include "IccProfLibConf.h"
#include "icProfileHeader.h"

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#define icSigSampleICC   ((icSignature)0x53494343)
#define icSigDevLabData   ((icColorSpaceSignature) 0x644C6162)
#define icSigDevXYZData   ((icColorSpaceSignature) 0x6458595A)
#define ICFLOATSFX   "f"
#define ICFLOATFMT   "%f"


typedef icUInt16Number icU1Fixed15Number
typedef icUInt16Number icU8Fixed8Number
typedef float icFloatNumber
typedef char icChar


enum  icValidateStatus { icValidateOK, icValidateWarning, icValidateNonCompliant, icValidateCriticalError }

Detailed Description

File: IccDefs.h

Contains: Access ICC profile definitions and structures including Version 4 extensions

Copyright: see ICC Software License

Define Documentation

#define ICFLOATFMT   "%f"

#define ICFLOATSFX   "f"

String formating macros need to match precision of icFloatNumber If precision is double change the "f" below to "lf"

#define icSigDevLabData   ((icColorSpaceSignature) 0x644C6162)

Additional convenience color space signatures to distinguish between device encoding and PCS encoding.

Device encoding of these color spaces is left to the device to define.

#define icSigDevXYZData   ((icColorSpaceSignature) 0x6458595A)

#define icSigSampleICC   ((icSignature)0x53494343)

Typedef Documentation

typedef char icChar

typedef float icFloatNumber

All floating point operations/variables in IccProfLib use the icFloatNumber data type. It was found that using float instead of double increased performance. Changing the definition to double will add greater precision at the cost of performance.

typedef icUInt16Number icU1Fixed15Number

typedef icUInt16Number icU8Fixed8Number

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum icValidateStatus

Enumeration values:

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