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CIccResponseCurveStruct Class Reference

#include <IccTagBasic.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CIccResponseCurveStruct (const CIccResponseCurveStruct &IRCS)
CIccResponseCurveStructoperator= (const CIccResponseCurveStruct &RespCurveStruct)
virtual ~CIccResponseCurveStruct ()
bool Read (icUInt32Number size, CIccIO *pIO)
bool Write (CIccIO *pIO)
void Describe (std::string &sDescription)
icMeasurementUnitSig GetMeasurementType () const
icUInt16Number GetNumChannels () const
icXYZNumberGetXYZ (icUInt32Number index)
CIccResponse16ListGetResponseList (icUInt16Number nChannel)
CIccResponseCurveStructGetThis ()
icValidateStatus Validate (std::string &sReport)

Protected Member Functions

 CIccResponseCurveStruct (icMeasurementUnitSig sig, icUInt16Number nChannels=0)
 CIccResponseCurveStruct (icUInt16Number nChannels=0)

Protected Attributes

icUInt16Number m_nChannels
icMeasurementUnitSig m_measurementUnitSig


class ICCPROFLIB_API CIccTagResponseCurveSet16

Detailed Description

Data Class: CIccResponseCurveStruct

Purpose: The base class for response curve structure

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CIccResponseCurveStruct::CIccResponseCurveStruct const CIccResponseCurveStruct IRCS  ) 

Name: CIccResponseCurveStruct::CIccResponseCurveStruct

Purpose: Copy Constructor

Args: IRCS = The CIccTagUnknown object to be copied

CIccResponseCurveStruct::~CIccResponseCurveStruct  )  [virtual]

Name: CIccResponseCurveStruct::~CIccResponseCurveStruct

Purpose: Destructor

CIccResponseCurveStruct::CIccResponseCurveStruct icMeasurementUnitSig  sig,
icUInt16Number  nChannels = 0

Name: CIccResponseCurveStruct::CIccResponseCurveStruct

Purpose: Constructor

Args: sig = measurement unit signature indicating the type of measurement data, nChannels = number of channels

CIccResponseCurveStruct::CIccResponseCurveStruct icUInt16Number  nChannels = 0  )  [protected]

Name: CIccResponseCurveStruct::CIccResponseCurveStruct

Purpose: Constructor

Args: nChannels = number of channels

Member Function Documentation

void CIccResponseCurveStruct::Describe std::string &  sDescription  ) 

Name: CIccResponseCurveStruct::Describe

Purpose: Dump data associated with the tag to a string

Args: sDescription - string to concatenate tag dump to

icMeasurementUnitSig CIccResponseCurveStruct::GetMeasurementType  )  const [inline]

icUInt16Number CIccResponseCurveStruct::GetNumChannels  )  const [inline]

CIccResponse16List* CIccResponseCurveStruct::GetResponseList icUInt16Number  nChannel  )  [inline]

CIccResponseCurveStruct* CIccResponseCurveStruct::GetThis  )  [inline]

icXYZNumber* CIccResponseCurveStruct::GetXYZ icUInt32Number  index  )  [inline]

CIccResponseCurveStruct & CIccResponseCurveStruct::operator= const CIccResponseCurveStruct RespCurveStruct  ) 

Name: CIccResponseCurveStruct::operator=

Purpose: Copy Operator

Args: RespCurveStruct = The CIccResponseCurveStruct object to be copied

bool CIccResponseCurveStruct::Read icUInt32Number  size,

Name: CIccResponseCurveStruct::Read

Purpose: Read in the tag contents into a data block

Args: size - # of bytes in tag, pIO - IO object to read tag from

Return: true = successful, false = failure

icValidateStatus CIccResponseCurveStruct::Validate std::string &  sReport  ) 

Name: CIccResponseCurveStruct::Validate

Purpose: Check tag data validity.

Args: sig = signature of tag being validated, sReport = String to add report information to

Return: icValidateStatusOK if valid, or other error status.

bool CIccResponseCurveStruct::Write CIccIO pIO  ) 

Name: CIccResponseCurveStruct::Write

Purpose: Write the tag to a file

Args: pIO - The IO object to write tag to.

Return: true = succesful, false = failure

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ICCPROFLIB_API CIccTagResponseCurveSet16 [friend]

Member Data Documentation

icXYZNumber* CIccResponseCurveStruct::m_maxColorantXYZ [protected]

icMeasurementUnitSig CIccResponseCurveStruct::m_measurementUnitSig [protected]

icUInt16Number CIccResponseCurveStruct::m_nChannels [protected]

CIccResponse16List* CIccResponseCurveStruct::m_Response16ListArray [protected]

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