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CIccInfo Class Reference

#include <IccUtil.h>

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Public Member Functions

const icCharGetVersionName (icUInt32Number val)
const icCharGetDeviceAttrName (icUInt64Number val)
const icCharGetProfileFlagsName (icUInt32Number val)
const icCharGetTagSigName (icTagSignature sig)
const icCharGetTechnologySigName (icTechnologySignature sig)
const icCharGetTagTypeSigName (icTagTypeSignature sig)
const icCharGetColorSpaceSigName (icColorSpaceSignature sig)
const icCharGetProfileClassSigName (icProfileClassSignature sig)
const icCharGetPlatformSigName (icPlatformSignature sig)
const icCharGetReferenceMediumGamutSigNameName (icReferenceMediumGamutSignature sig)
const icCharGetColorimetricIntentImageStateName (icColorimetricIntentImageStateSignature sig)
const icCharGetSigName (icUInt32Number val)
const icCharGetMeasurementFlareName (icMeasurementFlare val)
const icCharGetMeasurementGeometryName (icMeasurementGeometry val)
const icCharGetRenderingIntentName (icRenderingIntent val)
const icCharGetSpotShapeName (icSpotShape val)
const icCharGetStandardObserverName (icStandardObserver val)
const icCharGetIlluminantName (icIlluminant val)
const icCharGetUnknownName (icUInt32Number val)
const icCharGetMeasurementUnit (icSignature sig)
const icCharGetProfileID (icProfileID *profileID)
const icCharGetColorantEncoding (icColorantEncoding colorant)
bool IsProfileIDCalculated (icProfileID *profileID)
icValidateStatus CheckData (std::string &sReport, const icDateTimeNumber &dateTime)
icValidateStatus CheckData (std::string &sReport, const icXYZNumber &XYZ)
bool IsValidSpace (icColorSpaceSignature sig)

Protected Attributes

icChar m_szStr [128]
icChar m_szSigStr [128]

Detailed Description

Type: Class

Purpose: This is a utility class which can be used to get profile info for printing. The member functions are used to convert signatures and other enum values to character strings for printing.

Member Function Documentation

icValidateStatus CIccInfo::CheckData std::string &  sReport,
const icXYZNumber XYZ

icValidateStatus CIccInfo::CheckData std::string &  sReport,
const icDateTimeNumber dateTime

const icChar * CIccInfo::GetColorantEncoding icColorantEncoding  colorant  ) 

const icChar * CIccInfo::GetColorimetricIntentImageStateName icColorimetricIntentImageStateSignature  sig  ) 

const icChar * CIccInfo::GetColorSpaceSigName icColorSpaceSignature  sig  ) 

const icChar * CIccInfo::GetDeviceAttrName icUInt64Number  val  ) 

const icChar * CIccInfo::GetIlluminantName icIlluminant  val  ) 

const icChar * CIccInfo::GetMeasurementFlareName icMeasurementFlare  val  ) 

const icChar * CIccInfo::GetMeasurementGeometryName icMeasurementGeometry  val  ) 

const icChar * CIccInfo::GetMeasurementUnit icSignature  sig  ) 

const icChar * CIccInfo::GetPlatformSigName icPlatformSignature  sig  ) 

const icChar * CIccInfo::GetProfileClassSigName icProfileClassSignature  sig  ) 

const icChar * CIccInfo::GetProfileFlagsName icUInt32Number  val  ) 

const icChar * CIccInfo::GetProfileID icProfileID profileID  ) 

const icChar * CIccInfo::GetReferenceMediumGamutSigNameName icReferenceMediumGamutSignature  sig  ) 

const icChar * CIccInfo::GetRenderingIntentName icRenderingIntent  val  ) 

const icChar * CIccInfo::GetSigName icUInt32Number  val  ) 

const icChar * CIccInfo::GetSpotShapeName icSpotShape  val  ) 

const icChar * CIccInfo::GetStandardObserverName icStandardObserver  val  ) 

const icChar * CIccInfo::GetTagSigName icTagSignature  sig  ) 

const icChar * CIccInfo::GetTagTypeSigName icTagTypeSignature  sig  ) 

const icChar * CIccInfo::GetTechnologySigName icTechnologySignature  sig  ) 

const icChar * CIccInfo::GetUnknownName icUInt32Number  val  ) 

const icChar * CIccInfo::GetVersionName icUInt32Number  val  ) 

bool CIccInfo::IsProfileIDCalculated icProfileID profileID  ) 

bool CIccInfo::IsValidSpace icColorSpaceSignature  sig  ) 

Member Data Documentation

icChar CIccInfo::m_szSigStr[128] [protected]

icChar CIccInfo::m_szStr[128] [protected]

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