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icLut16 Struct Reference

#include <icProfileHeader.h>

List of all members.

Public Attributes

icUInt8Number inputChan
icUInt8Number outputChan
icUInt8Number clutPoints
icInt8Number pad
icS15Fixed16Number e00
icS15Fixed16Number e01
icS15Fixed16Number e02
icS15Fixed16Number e10
icS15Fixed16Number e11
icS15Fixed16Number e12
icS15Fixed16Number e20
icS15Fixed16Number e21
icS15Fixed16Number e22
icUInt16Number inputEnt
icUInt16Number outputEnt
icUInt16Number data [icAny]

Detailed Description


Member Data Documentation

icUInt8Number icLut16::clutPoints

icUInt16Number icLut16::data[icAny]

icS15Fixed16Number icLut16::e00

icS15Fixed16Number icLut16::e01

icS15Fixed16Number icLut16::e02

icS15Fixed16Number icLut16::e10

icS15Fixed16Number icLut16::e11

icS15Fixed16Number icLut16::e12

icS15Fixed16Number icLut16::e20

icS15Fixed16Number icLut16::e21

icS15Fixed16Number icLut16::e22

icUInt8Number icLut16::inputChan

icUInt16Number icLut16::inputEnt

icUInt8Number icLut16::outputChan

icUInt16Number icLut16::outputEnt

icInt8Number icLut16::pad

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