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CIccTag Member List

This is the complete list of members for CIccTag, including all inherited members.

Create(icTagTypeSignature sig)CIccTag [static]
Describe(std::string &sDescription)CIccTag [inline, virtual]
GetClassName()CIccTag [inline, virtual]
GetExtension()CIccTag [inline, virtual]
GetType()CIccTag [inline, virtual]
IsArrayType()CIccTag [inline, virtual]
IsMBBType()CIccTag [inline, virtual]
IsSupported()CIccTag [inline, virtual]
NewCopy() const CIccTag [inline, virtual]
Read(icUInt32Number size, CIccIO *pIO)CIccTag [inline, virtual]
Validate(icTagSignature sig, std::string &sReport, const CIccProfile *pProfile=NULL) const CIccTag [virtual]
Write(CIccIO *pIO)CIccTag [inline, virtual]
~CIccTag()CIccTag [virtual]

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